For Information contact:
Lawrence Cotton
(423) 715-9363
 Monte Verde Intibuca, Honduras
Final Count:
Salvation 295, Bibles 8 cases, Children’s Church 582, Eye glasses 188, Medical patients 1,178, Pharmacy Patients 1,178, Rx 5,181, Dental Patients 280
Extractions 368, Fillings 6, Cleanings, Root canal 1, Sewing kits 1,500, Tool kits 350 and Beanie Babies 450

Missions in Monte Verda

by Billie Sue Hamilton
Seven hours of riding over a bumpy road,
With more than 1000 coming with a heavy load
Rich colors adorn, they came dressed in their best,
Many gave their souls to the Father to rest.
The nurturing nature of our women caring,
Washing feet, praying, smiling and sharing
So many on our team that came were youth,
Worked great with 582 children to share the truth.
Men guarding the gates were put to the test,
but making friends with children is what they did best.
The dental patients sometimes felt the pain,
but sharing the gospel, the Kingdom did gain.
While fitting 188 with glasses to see,
Sharing God’s plan was important to me.
Sleeping on a cot with nets in the cold,
Was worth sharing salvation with an 82 year old.
Dogs, roosters, and heavy rain tried to rob us of sleep,
The team never wavered for they had promises to keep.
Wading through rain and the muddy sod,
Going to church to hear the word of God.
Sharing the pulpit with bugs, rain, a dog and cold,
The testimonies of God’s faithfulness was for young and old.
Who knew a flat tire caused by a hole,
Would transform the lives of 5 by saving their soul.
Would I do it again if these things I knew,
The fields are ready for harvest and the workers are few.